Your Halls Community

Our Ethos

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With just under 5000 rooms in operation at the University of Reading, we want all of our residents to feel supported and part of the community in their new home. We pride ourselves on our safe, sustainable and diverse campus environment and strive to provide you with a fulfilling experience during your stay with us. 

Our ethos is simple: your halls are a place that you can live, learn, belong and grow. 

Our approach focuses on five core values:
  • Building inclusive and diverse communities
  • Supporting improved health and wellbeing
  • Embracing local culture and building an identity with the halls
  • Developing life skills and supporting academic progress
  • Having a student led approach in all that we do - including listening to your feedback

With social spaces spread around the halls, plenty of places to eat and drink on your doorstep and an endless flow of events and activities in halls, there are always ways for you to get involved your halls community.

"Being 10,500 km away from home (Malaysia), I'll probably feel so lonely alone my room. However, joining YHL events makes me feel part of their family and certainly gives me the warmness of home."  - Former Park Group Resident 

Community Events

What kind of activities are there?

How can you get involved?

All halls residents are welcome to our events - no matter where they take place. If you'd like to come along to one of our events, simply visit our What's On page to find out what's coming up.

Where to...

Relax in halls

Whilst living in halls, you'll have access to our social spaces where you can relax and meet with friends outside of your rooms. They are also often where we host most of our events. These are often known as Junior Common Rooms (or JCRs). They are however, open to the residents of the hall. These are our available social spaces:

  • Park Lounge (open to all Park group residents)
  • Bridges JCR
  • Wessex JCR
  • St. Patrick's JCR
  • Benyon JCR
  • Sherfield JCR
  • St. George's JCR
  • Wantage JCR

Study in halls

There are plenty of spaces to study in and around the halls. Not only can you use the social spaces or sit down at one of the halls bars but you can make use of our designated study spaces within the halls for which you'll have access to the one nearest to you. These are located in:
  • Childs Hall
  • Mackinder Hall 
  • St. George's Hall (Oakhurst)
  • Stenton Hall 
  • Wantage
We also create additional study spaces within the halls, where possible, during peak times. Click here for further information on University study spaces or download the study space map below.

Grab a bite or drink in halls

There are a range of bars and eateries which you can enjoy if you'd like to grab a drink or something to eat. Here's where you can go:
  • Park Eat and Bar 
  • Wessex Ice House Bar 
  • Wantage Bar 
  • Shamrock Cafe at Northcourt
Or, if you fancy something further afield from the halls you can go to:
  • The Dairy on London Road 
  • Eat at The Square 
  • Park House Bar 
The bars also put on a variety of events and host weekly themed nights. Find out what's on.

Your Halls JCRs

Each hall is its own Junior Common Room Committee (JCR) which is made up of students who have previously lived in halls. The JCR representatives co-ordinate social activities throughout the year, such as Welcome Week events, formal dinners and hall's sports teams. All residents in hall can join the JCR and become part of the hall community. 

Please note there is a fee for joining the JCR and JCRs are managed by RUSU