Health & Wellbeing Events

What kind of events are run to support health & wellbeing in halls?

How do you get involved?

Our events are open to all halls residents, no matter which hall you live in. Not to mention the majority of our events are FREE to attend!

"Your Halls Life brought alive my university experience" - Former Park Group Resident 

Support in Halls

Your Hall Wardens

In halls, student welfare, pastoral care, and the management of student conduct and behaviour are the responsibility of the Warden. Wardens are senior members of University staff who live in hall and are there to offer help and guidance on any matters of concern. They have considerable experience and are an excellent source of advice and support on any academic or personal matter. They provide a useful link between hall life, University support services and academic schools. 

The Wardens are available to see any student on a confidential basis by appointment. Contact information is below. Alternatively, you can make an appointment at your UPP group reception or via the Halls Hotline on 0118 378 7777.

Benyon Hall 

Ms Carrie Twitchen 


Bridges Hall 

Dr Sam Boateng

Childs Hall 

Dr. Mike Proven

Mackinder & Dundsden Halls

Dr Sakthi Vaiyapuri

Sherfield Hall

Mr Matt Daley

St. George's Hall

Mr John Fisher

St. Patrick's Hall

Ms Monica Palmero Fernandez

Stenton Hall & Townhouses

Mr Andrew Happle

Wantage Hall

Professor Fred Davis

Wessex Hall

Dr Tim Lees

Windsor Hall

Professor Niranjan Keshavan

Your Hall Mentors

Wardens are supported in their role by Hall Mentors – postgraduate students who also live in Hall and assist with student welfare and pastoral concerns.

This year your Hall Mentors are:

  • Faye Bird (Benyon Hall)
  • James Tomkins (Bridges & Wessex Hall)
  • Catherine Bennett (Bridges & Wessex Hall)
  • Alex McLaughlin (Bridges & Wessex Hall)
  • Ijeoma Emeghe (Childs Hall)
  • Samuel Nicholson (Childs Hall)
  • Jaidev Singh (Windsor, Greenow, McCombie & Stenton Townhouses)
  • Djamila Belkhatir (Windsor, Greenow, McCombie & Stenton Townhouses)

  • Aart Van Gils (St. Patrick's Hall)
  • Tobias Lane (St. Patrick's Hall)
  • Blessing Nwokocha (Sherfield Hall)
  • Neil Hamilton Fairley (Mackinder & Dunsden Hall)
  • Shannon O'Sullivan (Mackinder & Dunsden Hall)
  • Yiming Meng (Stenton Hall)
  • John Whitney (Stenton Hall)
  • Jamie Towner (Wantage & St. George's Hall)
  • Megan Sullivan (Wantage & St. George's Hall)

Contact your Hall Mentors:

Benyon Hall Mentor Email:

Bridges Hall Mentor Email: 

Childs Hall Mentor Email:

Mackinder & Dunsden Hall Mentor Email:

Stenton Hall Mentor Email:

Sherfield Hall Mentor Email: 

St. George's Hall Mentor Email:

St. Patrick's Hall Mentor Email: 

Wantage Hall Mentor Email:

Wessex Hall Mentor Email:

Windsor, Greenow, McCombie & Stenton Townhouses Hall Mentor Email: